legacy website and historical project acknowledgements

In addition to “Uncle” T. David Hannemann, many others have helped preserve the visual and documentary history of the Polynesian Cultural Center. Unfortunately, the following list is incomplete; only some of those who contributed are recognized. With apologies to those inadvertently left off, we invite any of you who know additional names and information to share them with us. In the meantime:

Ariyoshi, Rita

A Honolulu-based writer and publisher with years of Hawaii tourism experience worked on various PCC projects. (Her husband, Jim Ariyoshi, also contributed photos to her projects.)

Baldridge, Prof. Kenneth 

A BYU–Hawaii history professor (deceased) who launched and helped conduct numerous oral history interviews of PCC people. 

Barney, Ralph 

A retired BYU professor of communications who co-served as the PCC’s first public relations manager while also teaching at the Church College of Hawaii. 

Barrus, Elder Wally 

A retired BYU photography professor who served as a senior photography missionary at BYU–Hawaii and the Polynesian Cultural Center. 

Bopp, Gailyn 

A BYU–Hawaii Archivist (all of whom have supported collecting historical PCC materials). 

Britsch, Elder R. Lanier 

BYU history and Asian studies professor emeritus, and a retired administrator (at both BYU and BYU–Hawaii), historical author, young Latter-day Saint missionary in Hawaii, and former senior PCC historical missionary. 

Brown, Harry 

A PCC videographer 

Bullough, Joshua 

Church History Department, Enhanced Processing Team Lead & Senior Records Manager who has assisted with the PCC archives collection. 

Casey, Seth 

Sr. Director of Marketing who oversees the creation of Legacy 

Chang, Joe 

A PCC videographer and theater manager (with family ties to Laie). 

Cummings, David W. 

A labor missionary who wrote one of the PCC’s first informational booklets: Polynesia in a Day (1966). 

Estoko, Dale

A PCC video editor

Foley, Mike 

A retired PCC marketing communications executive, photographer, editor, videographer and digital media specialist who has made intermittent contributions to the PCC archives since the early 1970s. He serves as the Legacy project’s contracted content editor. 

Gay, Mary

A skilled amateur photographer and wife of F. William Gay, one of the longest-serving members of the PCC board of directors in the earliest years. 

Gubler, Greg 

A former BYU–Hawaii Archivist (all of whom have supported collecting historical PCC materials). 

Hadderlie, Brooks 

A former BYU–Hawaii Archivist (all of whom have supported collecting historical PCC materials). 

Haverly, Keali’i

Currently VP of Physical Facility Management.  He was instrumental in launching the PCC archives digital collection and integration into the Church History Library projects. 

Jones, Nina

A PCC staff member who works on the PCC Blog and other historical projects. 

Kamauoha, Spencer 

A skilled photographer who operated the Photo Polynesia concession at PCC for decades and contributed numerous historical images. 

Kara, Frank 

The PCC’s first known director of advertising as well as a skilled photographer and graphic artist. 

Kester, Matthew 

A BYU–Hawaii Archivist (all of whom have supported collecting historical PCC materials). 

Kunz, Susan Cravens

A PCC digital editor and ecommerce manager

Lambert, Leeann 

Faculty advisor to the BYU–Hawaii news publication, Ke Alaka’i, whose editors, photographers, and reporters have consistently “covered” the Center since its inception. 

Lee, Mark Holladay 

A freelance photographer who has contributed significantly to the PCC’s advertising and public relations providers. 

Long, Sister Sue Ann 

A senior missionary who worked with David Hannemann on his historical collection. She also helped ship some of PCC’s archival materials to the Church History Library in Salt Lake City (where she worked before retiring).

Millham, Earl 

A part-time photographer who worked for the Center in the early 1980s. 

Miller, Dwight 

A retired BYU–Hawaii photography professor who contributed to the archives. 

Moikeha, Kauokalani

A PCC student photographer

O’Brien, Robert 

The PCC commissioned former Readers’ Digest editor O’Brien to write a commercial souvenir book in the early 1980s. 

Rodgers, David 

A former PCC newsletter editor (and son of PCC President Ralph G. Rodgers Jr.) 

Safsten, Ron 

The BYU–Hawaii advisor to Ke Alaka’i newspaper, photographer and graphic artist, who also contributed to PCC archives in the 1970s and ’80s. 

Schwenke, Reg 

A former PCC newsletter editor and vice president of communications who made numerous contributions. 

Smith, Gary 

A PCC alumnus, skilled videographer and editor who produced numerous PCC video projects. 

Willes, Laura Fayone 

The author who wrote “Miracle in the Pacific” for the PCC’s 50th anniversary, the most recently commercially published book on the Polynesian Cultural Center. 

Wilson, Christian

A PCC student photographer (and later an MIS webmaster and SEO specialist)

Wineera, Vernice 

A former PCC newsletter editor and vice president, skilled writer and photographer who contributed numerous articles and images to the archives. 

Workman, Eric 

PCC executive vice president and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) who “greenlighted” the Legacy project and oversees it. 

Wright, Sister Susane 

A former senior missionary who helped organize David Hannemann’s historical files. 

Young, Elder Larry 

A skilled photographer who contributed to the Archives as a former senior missionary.