Beth McKinnon Hunt: ‘Kiwi & Kangaroo’ days

Beth McKinnon Hunt (of Samoa) in Laie, Hawaii, 2013 (photo by Mike Foley)

Before marrying George Hunt of Samoa, Beth McKinnon Hunt left Australia to attend Church College of Hawaii in 1963, and ended up dancing in the Polynesian Cultural Center night show.

Camakau gets new ‘home’ in Fijian Village

Ratu Seru Inoke Suguturaga, "chief" of the Fijian Village in 2004, stands in front of the camakau canoe's new "home."

[Reprinted from a 2004 story and photo by Mike Foley] Over 20 years ago the Polynesian Cultural Center commissioned the people of Kabara in Fiji’s Lau Islands archipelago to make a traditional ocean-voyaging canoe. Using only indigenous materials, they handcrafted a 40-foot camakau [voyaging canoe — note: the letter ‘c’ in Fijian is pronounced like a voiced […]

Sione Milford got ‘immersed’ in Tongan culture

Sione Milford, Tongan culture ambassador, then Samoan Village "chief"

[Reprinted from a 2017 PCC blog story and photo by Mike Foley] Sione Milford is currently the Samoan Village “chief,” but when he first came to Laie he worked in the Tongan Village — and some native Tongans didn’t realize that the Polynesian Cultural Center’s Tongan culture ambassador at that time was Samoan. Of course, all […]