Damaso Allan Makahinu Barcarse (1939-2016)

Church College of Hawaii alumnus Allan Barcarse, originally from Kauai,

joined the Church when his friends introduced him to President David O. McKay. In 1959 he was called to the Northern Far East Mission, where he learned fluent Japanese, and when he returned to school and became one of the original PCC dancers in 1963. He also became one of the original PCC cast members and Jack Regas’ assistant.

In addition to his dedication to Hawaiian culture, Barcarse also taught Japanese at CCH and the University of Hawaii Lab School. He went on to teach hula students in Japan, Guam, The Philippines, and also in Chihuahua, Mexico, and Amsterdam, Holland.

Barcarse’s groups also entertained at numerous hotels and showrooms around Waikiki, and he took performing groups to Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, New Zealand, American and Western Samoa, Brazil, and Chihuahua.

Allan Barcarse

Barcarse passed away in December 2016 in West Jordan, Utah.